John Finnemore live tweets Cabin Pressure

Bing bong! BBC Radio 4 is currently rebroadcasting series 1 of our favorite airdot for whom no job is too small but many, many jobs are too difficult. . . and (so far at least) John himself has been tweeting along with each episode as it airs, giving commentary and reflections. Marvelous as always! Boston aired just now; Cremona will air next Sunday at 7:15 pm UK time.

Meanwhile, Cabin Fever (John's video episodes about Arthur being wonderfully Arthur whilst in quarantine in Carolyn's "granny flat") is still going strong and is up to Episode 18 (!!). Finnemore is really delivering on the quarantine entertainment. <3
CP - can I have your attention Not gif

Cabin Pressure transcripts - now in their new home

After the sad demise of, which closed down when the money ran out, all the Cabin Pressure transcripts which I wrote have now been loaded to my Dreamwidth blog.

As an added bonus, I’ve put together a single document containing all 27 episode transcripts, plus the transcript of the interview with John Finnemore which appeared on the CD boxset and which contains a few out-takes from the show. Basically it’s like a little gang of shops that have gone on holiday together. The 304 page Word document can be downloaded to your own devices.

Full details of how to acquire the downloadable document, plus links to each individual transcript if you prefer that, and links to other Cabin Pressure stuff that I’ve done over the years, are here.

Copious notes from John Finnemore's Flying Visit

Bing bong!

It took two weeks of working on it off and on, but I've finally written up my notes from seeing John Finnemore's Flying Visit at the final show of the tour, in Edinburgh. (It was brilliant!) My write-up is Truly, Absurdly, Comprehensively Long, but it does include the lovely little hints of new Cabin Pressure canon we got from Arthur Shappey himself, in his stage appearance being interviewed by a long-standing John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme character. :-)

You can find my write-up HERE, and believe me, I won't be offended if you skim past its great and copious detail to get to the Cabin Pressure bits! Ah, the show was great. Seeing Arthur and hearing him talk about the other CP characters was great. <3 <3 <3

BTW, if anyone else was at any of the Flying Visit shows, and wants to comment about stuff I missed? Please do!

John Finnemore's Flying Visit coming

By the way! For anyone who's in the U.K. and somehow hasn't heard yet despite John's constant promotion of it... ;-)

John Finnemore has a new stage show, John Finnemore's Flying Visit, that's going to be touring around the U.K. (mostly England) from mid-May to mid-June. My understanding is that it will be made up primarily of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme sketches, BUT Arthur from Cabin Pressure will also be making an appearance! (Interviewed by Patsy Straightwoman from JFSP, if I've been reading the hints on Twitter correctly...)

Dates and info at his website and Twitter, both easily found by searching for his name. (Can't remember if LJ will easily let me include links here or not.)

I'm going to be at the Edinburgh show, AAAAAAAH, it's going to be brilliant! Hope some of you get to go, too.

New series of John Finnemore's Double Acts

Bing bong!

Hi, er, yes, me yet again...! Just wanted to tell anyone who's still around on LJ that there's a new series of John Finnemore's Double Acts now airing on BBC Radio 4. (These are his standalone, half-hour, two-person radio plays, so a separate style of thing from both Cabin Pressure and Souvenir Programme.) Even more delightfully, the first of the six new episodes stars none other than...Cabin Pressure's own Stephanie Cole! As Queen Victoria! So all those times Carolyn sounded like Queen Victoria recording an answerphone message paid off after all. ;-)

You can find all the episodes that have aired so far HERE (for example, as of this writing, episode one, "The Queen's Speech" starring Stephanie Cole, is still free and can be listened to online for another 23 days). There was some kind of problem that led to postponing episode 3, so instead of that one they're re-airing an (excellent!) episode from the previous series. And actually episode 2 was my personal favorite of what I've heard so far of this new series. As far as I can tell, episode 4 (with the wonderful Una Stubbs!) should air as scheduled next Wednesday, 21 June.

Happy listening!  

"Penguin Podcast" interview with John Finnemore

I recently stumbled across this enjoyable interview with John Finnemore, where he talks about his various projects (including but not limited to Cabin Pressure), a bit about his influences and quite a bit more about his writing process (aka procrastination process...?)

Part of the gimmick of this interview series is that the interviewee brings along and talks about several objects from their personal past that are relevant to their work; one of John's is highly relevant to CP (so I won't spoil it!) but all the objects he talks about are really delightful.

You can listen here – The Penguin Podcast: John Finnemore

John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme, series 6!

Bing bong!

Once again, I hope this is okay to post this, but since we all share a love of John Finnemore's writing, I thought some of you might like to know:

John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme (John's sketch comedy show that he once referred to as Cabin Pressure's less-well-known younger sibling, or something along those lines) is about to be back on the radio!

Episode 1 airs tomorrow (Dec. 27) at 6:30 pm UK time, on Radio 4. I'm pretty sure you can stream it live at that time just by going to the Radio 4 website, and I'm definitely sure you can listen to it any time after that by going to this link – which generally stays active for 30 days after first broadcast.

And that's just episode 1! There will be 6 in total, same time each Tuesday! Brilliant!