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Bible Porn Challenge Now Open!

Hi, all,

tiltedsyllogism and I (snarryfool here, ancientreader over on the AO3) got to chatting and this was the result:

Works of the Flesh is an open, unmoderated challenge for porn inspired by the Bible -- any version, any translation, Jewish, Christian, the Apocrypha, it's all good. Got a porny fire lit by a different holy book? Go for it. All fandoms, all pairings (or moresomes), and all kinks welcome!

Here's tiltedsyllogism's announcement post on Tumblr.

The challenge is on now -- post your fic to the AO3 collection and pimp it anywhere you like.
The first (?) round closes January 6, 2016, which is Epiphany, aka Three Kings Day for the poly inclined.

(Mods, I hope this is okay to post -- if not, my apologies! None of the comm tags seemed to apply exactly, hence the lack thereof.)

Fic: "To Think of Cinnamon" 1/5

Title: To Think of Cinnamon
Pairing: Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson, Martin Crieff & Douglas Richardson
Tags: Caring Douglas, Developing Relationship, Fluff, Food, Food As A Metaphor for Love, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Light Angst, Pining, Romance, Happy Ending
Summary: Five moments of food, friendship, and quietly falling in love - four times that Douglas offered Martin something sweet, and one time that it was Martin who offered it to him.
Notes: For pickles7437, who has betaed hundreds of thousands of words(!) for me by now, and absolutely deserves something in return. Here’s a small taste of five countries, five desserts, and Martin and Douglas being adorable. Merry (early) Christmas!
Beta and Brit-picking was by the lovely gutterfl0wer.
This story is finished and I will post a new chapter every three days, so the last one is posted on Christmas day. Enjoy!

Title: Hello Skip
Author: mahmfic
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Arthur/Douglas/Martin
Rating: G to PG-13
Notes: Epistolary.
Summary: Martin has gone on holiday with the rest of the Crieffs to Maldives during the week of Christmas. How will Douglas and Arthur handle his absence?
Disclaimer: I do not own Cabin Pressure.

Part 1: AO3 | LJ
Part 2: AO3 | LJ
Part 3: AO3 | LJ

John Finnemore's Double Acts now airing

Bing bong! Greetings, Cabin Pressure fans! I really hope this is an acceptable thing to post here, and if not, I humbly apologize! But it seemed like something many CP fans would want to know about, and I haven't seen it publicized almost anywhere:

John Finnemore's new radio series, "John Finnemore's Double Acts" is currently airing on BBC Radio 4. It's different from both the episodic format of Cabin Pressure and the sketch format of John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme; this one is a series of six unconnected, two-person radio plays. The first two have aired so far, and they're fun! Next new episode airs next Friday; the previous two can still be heard on the BBC website, here:


Again, I thought this seemed like a place full of folks who would like to know about this, but if not, feel free to delete/reprimand/any of the above. Thank you!

*flies off into a Finnemorian sunset, pleased to see the proverbial lemon of Finnemore radio comedy still in play*

Fic: The Photo Bomb (PG D/M)

Title: The Photo Bomb
Writer: Writernon
Link: AO3
Status of Work: Complete
Characters and/or Pairings: Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson, Arthur Shappey, Carolyn Knapp-Shappey
Rating: Teen And Up
Warnings, kinks & content: Romance, Fluff and Angst, First Kiss, Photographs, Pre-Slash
Note: Written for tracionn, in honour of one of her D/M manips.
Length: 3545

Summary: During an impromptu photoshoot for MJN's promotional material, Douglas interrupts Martin's session by photobombing him with a kiss on the cheek. The explosions don't happen until days later.

On AO3
Title: The Nuisance of Knockers
Writer: Writernon
Link: AO3
Status of Work: Complete
Characters and/or Pairings: Fem!Martin Crieff, Douglas Richardson, Arthur Shappey
Rating: Teen And Up
Warnings, kinks & content: Large Breasts, Mostly Gen, Genderswap, Social Commentary, I guess? Probably not politically correct, I Can't Believe I Wrote This, Body Image, Sexism
Length: 1928

Summary: Martina has been coping with her large breasts her entire adult life, but her first day as Captain of MJN Air has some additional challenges.

On AO3

Giving away From A to Z

CD 7 Track 9 (the last 3 1/2 minutes of Molokai) isn't working, so I got a replacement. And because shipping costs too much, Amazon let me keep the defective boxset. So now I have more aeroplane Cabin Pressure than I know what to do with. Would anyone like to adopt the slightly defective boxset? Preferably someone in Germany, because then shipping would only cost me 3,95€. To the rest of Europe it's at least 8,90€.

Title: Maybe You’ll Be Lonesome Too
Pairing: Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson
Tags: Post-Canon Fix-it, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Mutual Pining, Regret, Second Chances, Flying, Happy Ending
Summary: A year after the events of Zurich, Martin is happy. Or well, somewhat happy. Possibly. He’s not unhappy, because why would he be?
Notes: This fic sprang into my brain in an Ed’s diner in London. It’s my answer to what I felt the ending got wrong, and a present for jie_jie’s birthday- as she knows since she was right there in that diner with me, urging me on *g* Have a great one my dear! <3
Thanks go to cherrytide for the beta and Brit-picking through fandomaid for Nepal, and to John Finnemore for writing such a marvellous series of course *g* This story is finished now!


Cabin Pressure A-Z from Amazon US?

Does anyone have any information on future availability of the CD in the US? It's only listed so far on Amazon US (see below) and one retailer for about $48.

I ordered and paid for the CD from Amazon US in February. There were long delays, then I was informed it would ship around May 20. When I went back to check, it was listed as Out of Print--Limited Availability. I contacted Amazon and they apologized and offered me a $10 credit if I wanted to keep waiting, but with no guarantee when or if I'd actually get my copy. There are still CDs available through Amazon UK and BBC, though at more than twice the price, once shipping is figured in -- is it at all realistic to wait for Amazon US?
Title: Stuck in Arrivals
Writer: JessamyGriffith
Link: AO3
Status of work: Complete
Characters: Martin Crieff; Douglas Richardson; Carolyn Knapp-Shappey; Arthur Shappey; Geoff Crieff, Wendy Crieff, Caitlin Crieff, Dirk the Groundsman, Mr Birling
Pairings: None
Rating: Gen, Teen and up
Genre: AU, fusion with In The Flesh, Zombie (but not an apocalypse, nothing so bleak).

Warnings and Content: Angst and Humor, Zombies, Partially Deceased Syndrome, PTSD, Emotional Hurt and Comfort, PTSD recovery, Some violence and gore, Temporary Charcter Death, Word Games, Mr Birling, Prejudice, Depression, Panic attacks, Happy Ending!
Length: 55,395 words

Summary: After the Rising when the dead came to life and a treatment found for their condition, people's lives adjusted to a new definition of normalcy. This is the story of MJN's own rise from the ashes.

Carolyn has a clever business model for MJN Air that will take advantage of the reintegration of Partially Deceased Syndrome sufferers back into society. Douglas has regrets. Arthur has his usual cheerful lookout on life... and Martin? Has issues. And really, really needs a job.

An AU Cabin Pressure fusion with In The Flesh, starting from before the inception of MJN.

All character deaths are temporary, so any unhappiness felt by readers will be short-lived, I promise.

Thrilled to have the story done at last, after a hiatus of wrangling and hand-wringing over chapter 10.