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I recently stumbled across this enjoyable interview with John Finnemore, where he talks about his various projects (including but not limited to Cabin Pressure), a bit about his influences and quite a bit more about his writing process (aka procrastination process...?)

Part of the gimmick of this interview series is that the interviewee brings along and talks about several objects from their personal past that are relevant to their work; one of John's is highly relevant to CP (so I won't spoil it!) but all the objects he talks about are really delightful.

You can listen here – The Penguin Podcast: John Finnemore
Bing bong!

Once again, I hope this is okay to post this, but since we all share a love of John Finnemore's writing, I thought some of you might like to know:

John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme (John's sketch comedy show that he once referred to as Cabin Pressure's less-well-known younger sibling, or something along those lines) is about to be back on the radio!

Episode 1 airs tomorrow (Dec. 27) at 6:30 pm UK time, on Radio 4. I'm pretty sure you can stream it live at that time just by going to the Radio 4 website, and I'm definitely sure you can listen to it any time after that by going to this link – which generally stays active for 30 days after first broadcast.

And that's just episode 1! There will be 6 in total, same time each Tuesday! Brilliant!

Fic: Incognito

Pairing: Douglas/Martin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Martin confesses a fantasy to Douglas.

Here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8544598

Fic: "A Warm Gun" 1/7 NC-17

Title: A Warm Gun
Pairing: Martin Crieff & Douglas Richardson, Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson
Tags: Alternate Universe - Trans, Angst, Body Image, Chest Binding, Clothed Sex, Coming Out, Dissociation, Fingering, First Time, Friendship/Love, Frottage, Gender Dysphoria, Gender Issues, Hand Jobs, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Martin has a secret, Menstruation, Penises, Trans Male Character, Travel, Urination, Sex, Sexual Identity
Summary: Martin’s been with MJN Air for two months. He’s had ‘Martin’ and ‘male’ on his passport for three.

(Hope this is okay, mods?)

Attention MJN Passengers and Cabin Crew!

The Fourth Annual "Obscure and British Commentfest" dedicated to small British fandom fanworks is being run by lost_spook over on their journal right now, and I figured that people here might want to know about it. (Click the image to get there.):-)

Second Time's The Charm (Douglas/Martin)

Title: Second Time's The Charm
Pairing: Douglas/Martin
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A fill for this meme prompt. Thank you for the inspiration, kind anon!
Warnings: None

Here on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6712666
Title: A Simple Question (In Theory)
Rating: PG
Pairing: Martin Crieff/Tony Stark
Word Count: 20,454 words
Summary: Martin and Tony have been living together for nearly a year now. So, what's the next level of commitment after cohabitation?

(Eleventh in the Seduction by Winglet series)

Thanks and love to 1electricpirate for betaing.

On AO3: A Simple Question (In Theory)


Fic: "Cheek to Cheek" NC-17 -Completed!-

Title: Cheek to Cheek
Pairing: Martin Crieff/Douglas Richardson
Tags: Age Difference, Angst, Blow Jobs, Break Up, Coming Out, Developing Relationship, First Time, Friends To Lovers, Hand Jobs, Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Kissing, Love Confessions, Mutual Pining, Porn With Feelings, Premature Ejaculation, Sex, Sexual Inexperience, Sleeping Together
Summary: The first time he has sex with Douglas, Martin comes in his pants... Sex, angst, romance and realism - how the two of them might fit together in bed, and what happens after they do.


3384 Miles (Martin Crieff/Tony Stark, PG)

Title: 3384 Miles
Rating: PG
Pairing: Martin Crieff/Tony Stark
Word Count: 33,860 words
Summary: The cracks in Martin and Tony's relationship start to show under the strain of the distance between them.

(Tenth in the Seduction by Aviation series)

Thanks and love to Justlikeluna for betaing.

On AO3: 3384 Miles

Bing bong! Good evening Carolyns and Arthurs, er, I mean...good evening, fellow Cabin Pressure and Finnemore fans!

Thought you might like to know that our favo(u)rite British radio comedy writer is back on the air with a new series of his sketch show "John Finnemore's Souvenir Programme"!

Series 5 Episode 1 aired on BBC Radio 4 today; it's available to listen for free online through their website for another 29 days. I laughed a lot – it's rip-roaring classic Finnemore. ...I particularly liked the Snow White bit, and a "Since you ask me..." tale where JF achieved new heights (literally) of wonderful absurdity. :-) Episode 2 airs next Thursday, with four more weeks of Finnemore after that. Hurray!


Cabin Pressure: A Comm for the BBC Radio Series

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